Is Google Ads Worth It? Yes, And Here Are 5 Reasons Why

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Although some may be deterred by the “paid” aspect of Google Ads, it is a worthwhile investment for many businesses. Whether your goals are to increase revenue, grow brand awareness, or generate leads, Google Ads can generate quick and effective results for your business.

In fact, Google Ads is one of the most pioneering and powerful PPC platforms available. Below, explore 5 reasons why Google Ads is worth it for your business.

Google Ads is an unparalleled tool


One of the biggest reasons why Google Ads is worthwhile for your business is the high return on ad spend, or ROAS. On average, businesses make $2 for every $1 they spend in Google Ads, a 200% ROAS. 

In order to achieve a positive ROAS in Google Ads, it’s important that your campaigns are set up correctly, structured well, and optimized over time. Optimization strategies such as negative keywords, ad scheduling, and smart bid strategies can ensure you’re reaching the right audience and maximizing your budget.

Furthermore, by implementing an offline conversion upload strategy and feeding Google information about the value of your conversions, you can use machine learning to increase ROAS.

Google Ads average ROAS statistic

2. Reach

In addition to producing a high average ROAS, Google Ads reaches a massive number of people. Google dominates the search engine market, with Hubspot estimating that over 5 billion searches happen on Google every day. 

Reaching a large number of people means that Google Ads has the potential to find your target audience, and get your ads in front of them at the right time.

Plus, the reach of Google Ads extends beyond just search. The Google Display Network (GDN) consists of millions of sites and apps across the internet, including Google-owned properties like Gmail. Display ads are eligible to show across the GDN, which reaches over 90% of internet users worldwide.

Furthermore, Display, Video, and Discovery campaigns let advertisers harness the popularity of YouTube, which is the world’s second most visited website (after, of course, Google). The Pew Research Center says that 74% of American adults watch YouTube.

Additionally, certain campaign types let advertisers extend their reach through other Google properties like Google Play or Google Maps.

All of this is to say that Google Ads offers unparalleled access to consumers across the internet. That is part of what makes the platform so effective and worthwhile for businesses.

With Google Ads, there are countless ways to get your brand in front of your target audience.

Google Display Network statistic

3. Innovation 

Along with ROAS and reach, innovation helps make Google Ads worth it for advertisers. The platform is constantly updating and adding new features, such as image extensions and advances in machine learning.

New campaign formats like Discovery and Local campaigns require minimal input from advertisers, while taking advantage of Google’s wide array of properties, such as Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.

Meanwhile, innovative ad formats like auto-generated video ads offer simple but creative ways for companies to promote their products and services. 

Technology evolves rapidly today, and so does consumer behavior. For example, Google states that 15% of searches every day are brand new queries that they’ve never seen before.

In response to the ever-changing digital world, Google is always adapting. This carries over to Google Ads, which continues to find new ways to connect advertisers with their audiences. 

The innovative offerings on the platform help keep advertisers competitive and consumers engaged.

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4. Targeting Capabilities

Google Ads offers a variety of ways to target ads to the right audience, from remarketing lists to custom audiences. Getting ads in front of the right people at the right time helps make the platform a worthwhile investment for businesses.

To get their ads in front of the right people, advertisers can target by:

  • In-market audiences
  • Affinity audiences
  • Remarketing lists
  • Custom audiences (formerly called custom intent)
  • Life events
  • Customer Match
  • Similar audiences
  • Detailed demographics

Furthermore, to help users see your ads at the right time, ad scheduling lets you control when your ads are eligible to show. This can be useful for B2B companies, for example, as their target audience is most likely to engage during business hours. 

However, smart bid strategies help to automate some of these processes. For example, since Maximize Conversions uses signals to determine the right bid based on real-time data, you may not need to use ad scheduling with that bid strategy.

Additionally, smart bidding helps make targeting by keyword easier. Google announced during this year’s Google Marketing Live that the simplest keyword match type, broad match, has been overhauled to produce more relevant results. 

In fact, pairing broad match keywords with smart bid strategies and responsive search ads has been shown to increase conversions by 20%.

Since Google Ads has so many targeting capabilities, it’s important to find what works best for your unique campaigns. A/B testing different targeting methods and bid strategies can help optimize your performance and maximize your investment.

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5. Budget Control

Finally, Google Ads is worth it because it gives advertisers complete control over their budgets. 

Based on the amount you want to spend per month, you set a daily budget for each campaign. Google will not spend more than your daily budget multiplied by the average number of days in a month, 30.4.

For example, say you have a Google Ads budget of $1,000 per month. You would set your daily budget at $32.89 ($1,000 / 30.4). Some days, your campaign may spend $40.00 while other days it may spend $28.50. But your total spend for the month will not exceed $1,000.

Thus, although your daily spend may fluctuate in response to search demand and other factors, you have total control over your monthly budget.

Plus, you can change your budgets at any time. If certain campaigns aren’t working well, for instance, you can scale back spend or shift some of their budgets into higher-performing campaigns. 

In addition to ROAS, reach, innovation, and targeting capabilities, budget control is yet another reason why Google Ads is worthwhile for businesses. 

These 5 factors demonstrate that the PPC platform is an unparalleled tool for reaching your audience, communicating your message, and driving results.

If you are interested in getting started with Google Ads, request a proposal from Creative Website Marketing today.

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