How to Reach B2B Audiences Through Search

Reaching B2B Audiences Through Search

A recent survey by Clutch explored the different ways B2B audiences discover the content of other businesses. According to the survey, the most common way B2B audiences encounter business content is by search.

In fact, 87% of B2B audiences utilize search engines to find their information, surpassing social media at 85%. Businesses can utilize the following strategies to capitalize on the popularity of search in order to reach B2B audiences.

Consider Intent

B2B audiences primarily consume content to:

a.) Stay on top of industry trends

b.) Research companies to determine whether or not they want to make a purchase 

Audiences interested in industry trends often turn to blogs and articles, as they provide more in-depth information than, say, an image on social media. Meanwhile, those with purchasing intent prefer reviews and product descriptions to help inform them on their buying journey.

Produce A Variety Of Content

To engage audiences with different intentions, businesses should produce a variety of content. Start by creating a blog, and post articles about industry trends, news, and developments. Establish your business as up-to-date and a thought leader in the industry. Perhaps include an infographic for a visual aid, and share the graphic on social media to promote the article. These blog posts can help build your credibility and cultivate trust with B2B audiences.

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Furthermore, devote space on your website to describing your products or services. In addition to helping your search rankings, informative and relevant descriptions can draw in B2B audiences and keep them on your site for longer periods of time. If B2B audiences are visiting your website, they may be assessing your company with the intent to purchase; therefore, your site should explain what you have to offer in a clear, accurate, and engaging manner.


To reach B2B audiences through search, companies should invest in SEO as well as paid search campaigns. However, websites and content must be optimized not just for search engines but also for the audience. Ensure content is readable and appealing. When crafting your website and social media pages, anticipate what your target audience needs and the questions they may be asking. These questions may differ based on who is searching; thus, generating content to satisfy different personas within target audiences is a helpful strategy for B2B marketing.

By recognizing the prevalence of B2B audiences using search in 2018, companies can gain a competitive edge. Understanding your audience and focusing on content are key factors.

What other tips do you have for reaching B2B audiences through search?

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