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New Content Marketing Formats


Creating online content does not always equate to writing online content. While blog posts are effective tools to help build and reinforce a company’s online presence, other formats have emerged in recent years that brands should begin to explore and capitalize on.

We’ve all watched as social media has revolutionized the Internet, and marketers have taken note. For several years, companies have used social media to encourage consumers to interact with their brand.

Throughout these years, one type of post has distinguished itself as particularly effective at engaging consumers, sparking a recent trend among online marketers that emphasizes this type of content on social media and beyond.


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Visual content has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years; infographics in particular have become a favorite medium among online marketers. Infographics offer a visual, creative, and concise way to convey information. According to Forbes, 84% of marketers who have used infographics consider them an effective tool.

Infographics incorporate visual aids such as icons, graphs, images, and flow charts. By transforming data into a visual story, infographics simplify information and deliver it in an appealing and understandable manner. Online marketers can utilize this type of content to, for example, summarize a blog post, explain how to use a product, compare two types of services, or illustrate results from a customer satisfaction survey.


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In addition to infographics, video has surfaced as an increasingly popular type of visual online content. Live video in particular is being heralded as an up-and-coming medium. In a world where it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s manufactured, live video, which streams in real-time, has a sense of authenticity that appeals to viewers.

Companies looking to capitalize on the rise of video should create interesting videos that align with their brand and relate to consumers. For example, a short live video of employees brainstorming during a meeting could make a fun Facebook post that highlights your company’s personality, while also hinting at your creative process. A recorded video of a customer giving positive testimony about your brand could supplement a new blog post about the company’s commitment to customer service.


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Visual content does not represent the only format becoming increasingly prevalent among marketers, however. Podcasts rely on auditory content to connect with consumers.

Podcasts integrate commentary and conversation into different “episodes” that focus on various topics, all of which relate to an overall theme—for example, a shoe company with a podcast might have episodes highlighting new fashion trends, NBA players who design their own shoes, and the most popular shoes throughout different eras of history.

Although podcasts typically have one or two consistent hosts, the episodes can feature interviews with guests and other creative forms of engagement. Hosts can even answer questions that listeners of the podcast pose on Twitter or Facebook.

Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded by consumers, who can listen to episodes in the car, during downtime at work, or while walking around the neighborhood. This form of content can increase your brand awareness by engaging those interested in the topics you cover, and exposing them to your company as a result.

These various tools have emerged in recent years, providing companies the chance to expand into new and creative territories. To gain a competitive edge, your brand should begin capitalizing on these new opportunities as a supplement to the content you may already be producing, such as blog posts.

Regardless of which tools you choose to delve into, be sure to keep your marketing strategy and branding consistent among all platforms and formats.

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