How Does B2B vs B2C Marketing Compare? 3 Key Differences for Small Businesses

Comparing B2B vs B2C Marketing

There are distinct differences between how a small business should approach B2B marketing verses B2C marketing. Here are some key differences a small business can evaluate and use to jumpstart the development of a marketing plan and strategy. #1 – Syncing Marketing Touchpoints to the Sales Cycle In B2B marketing, typically there are multiple decision […]

Mobile SEO Part 2: Are You Ready For Google’s Mobile-First Index?

The shift to mobile devices has caused Google to change the methodology behind how it indexes and ranks websites. Google’s answer: mobile-first index. This shift needs to be a driving factor of your mobile SEO strategy. Google’s new mobile-first index means Google will now be ranking its search listings based on the mobile version of […]

Mobile SEO Part 1: How To Meet Customer Needs For The Mobile User Experience

As mobile users continue to grow, user behaviors and expectations will continue to change as well. If your business mobile site hasn’t started receiving traffic or isn’t providing a friendly UX, it might be time to consider SEO options that will allow your mobile site to sustain and excel. The differences between desktop and mobile […]

Do You Have a Defined Strategy Behind Your Content Marketing Efforts? If Not, Start With These 5 Components To Build The Foundation

Content is what makes the internet go ‘round. The multiple variations of content (images, videos, text, etc) is what makes social media so engaging and online marketing a must for your business. Content marketing is a pretty easy place to start and just about anybody can do it — but before you take your product […]

Have a Google Adwords Paid Search Campaign But No Leads? 3 Ways to Recharge Your Paid Search Strategy

Generating engagement and response for your business isn’t easy in the competitive world of Paid Search. Google Adwords can quickly get your brand in front of your target audience’s eyeballs but in a competitive landscape on Google, PPC needs a solid strategy to win clicks and deliver lead response. Debbie Hill, CEO at Creative Website […]