Is Your Local Business Taking Advantage Of The New Digital Tools Google Is Providing?

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Google is providing all the right digital tools for your local business to thrive online in today’s competitive digital advertising landscape. Their most recent feature now allows businesses to post Questions & Answers on their local listing on Google.

Questions & Answers on Mobile Browsers

Q & A style content is not a new concept for marketers, but the ability to add questions and answers on your business’ local listing on Google is. Initially rolled out for Android devices only, the Q & A feature is now available on all mobile browsers.

As straightforward as this is, it provides an additional touchpoint to gain trust with your customers and provide them with the relevant and reliable information they need in order to improve their search experience, directly from you, the business owner.

Are You Taking Advantage?

Help your customers during their search process to find the most accurate and up-to-date information. To take advantage of the feature, go ahead and add your business’ frequently asked questions to your listing. Also, if your business is claimed on GMB, you’ll receive notifications once a customer asks a question, so you can post an answer.

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