3 Ways to Improve Your Paid Search Strategy

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Generating engagement and response for your business isn’t easy in the competitive world of Paid Search.

Google Adwords can quickly get your brand in front of your target audience’s eyeballs but in a competitive landscape on Google, PPC needs a solid strategy to win clicks and deliver lead response.

Does your business have a Google Ads paid search campaign but no leads? Debbie Hill, CEO at Creative Website Marketing, shares her strategy insights to help rethink your Paid Search Strategy.

Paid Search Strategy #1 – Start with a very specific goal

One of the top ways to make a paid search campaign easier to tackle is to be clear on what success looks like. If you are a local service business and your goal is to gain more prospects, your strategy should include a customer lifecycle approach that connects with top of the funnel prospects and then guide them towards the bottom of the funnel where they can easily engage and respond.

You could start with 3 campaigns in Google Adwords that focus on ad groups that contain keywords that match the intent of Awareness, Consideration and Purchase in the customer lifecycle. These keywords should match pages on your website, so when a prospect clicks on your ad they have a relevant and positive experience so they are prompted to engage and reach out to your brand.

A proper account structure will also set a solid foundation for your paid search campaigns to build a high Quality Score (1 – 10), the higher your score, the lower cost-per-click (CPC) you will be charged over time.

Paid Search Strategy #2 – Include a strong message that differentiates your brand

Your ads and landing pages should demonstrate “why” your service is the best. Does your business and staff have a trusted reputation? If so it needs to be highlighted, so prospects can see themselves doing business with your brand. Once a prospect can see that your business can solve their problem or fill their need, you should have an offer that they can’t turn down.  Give a free service with a 6 month commitment, offer a free consultation, give a discount on the first engagement – you get the picture.

Paid Search Strategy #3 – Track & analyze your campaign performance

Google Adwords offers a lot of automation, so setting up conversion tracking for forms and phone calls will allow you to set automating bidding, so you can optimize bids for conversions or if your goal is traffic you can optimize for clicks. Linking to Google Analytics will also provide additional insights, using goals you can see the attribution for all channels and how they work together. This is really important since most website visitors don’t convert on the first or second visit.

This strategy can be applied to any paid search campaign and can be expanded for even more improvement using expanded ads, extensions, retargeting and gmail ads. There are new Adwords features all the time to take advantage of, so optimization should be an ongoing process to maximize performance and media spend.

If you are running a current campaign and would like a second opinion from our seasoned Digital Marketing Experts, Creative Website Marketing is offering a FREE Digital Audit that includes a review of your Google Adwords campaign. We would be more than happy to give our opinion and provide improvement opportunities to help your campaign become more successful.

If you have a question, contact us today. We are always happy to help.

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