5 Tips For Improved Content Marketing Strategy

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Content is what makes the internet go ‘round. The multiple variations of content (images, videos, text, etc) is what makes social media so engaging and online marketing a must for your business.

Content marketing is a pretty easy place to start and just about anybody can do it — but before you take your product or service to the internet, you should think about your strategy and how to maximize your efforts to align with your overall business goals.

We’ve outlined a few key components to help build your foundation and think about what types of content makes the most sense for your business and strategy.

#1 – Web Pages and Profiles.

Web pages are the foundation for your content marketing efforts. This is your website, blog, Facebook page (facebook ads, facebook live), Twitter account, LinkedIn (company and personal pages), YouTube, Instagram, podcasts and any other relevant platform content is shared on. Your customers will not be active on every single platform, so track your engagement then focus on the channels that are yielding results. Don’t forget to maximize your reach so you can find customers from Twitter that you may not find on LinkedIn. Find the online space where your customers spend the most time and leverage the ability to share content there for free.

#2 – Keep It Visual. 

Images, videos, infographics and responsive links are what engages the user and creates memorial content. Be interactive. Facebook posts and Tweets with images still get more engagement than posts without images (source). As of March 2017, infographics are performing better than any other type of content. Why? We suffer from information overload. 90% of info transmitted into our brains is visual (source). Consider this the next time you want to share data.

#3 – Call to Action.

What’s the point? What is the goal of each piece of content you create and share? If you want to grow your brand, engage your audience with info that they will like, share, and then they will follow you. Want to brand your company as the expert and build trust with your prospects? Provide valuable information that makes their life better. Are you asking someone to buy your product or service? Advertise using discounts or specials for first time customers. Advertising to repeat customers? Focus on telling them what their immediate need is and how you will solve their problem.

#4 – Frequency.

If you’re putting out content and your customers and prospects are loving it, keep it coming. You know what you’re doing. If your engagement is still a little slow, shoot for creating really good material to share once or twice a week (if Instagram is your main contact with prospects, post every day). The point of a content marketing strategy is to get your brand circulating throughout the internet. Determine a frequency schedule and stick to it!

#5 – Make It Convenient, Valuable and Relatable.

This is the most important! Break through the noise. Social media is convenient because everybody has apps on their phone. But how easy is it for an online user to get in contact with somebody at your company, schedule an appointment, or make a purchase? Your content should stand out because of the value it provides to your potential customers. Help solve their problems! Think of your different customer personas then create content that is relatable to your target market. Focus on the call to action and provide value!

If your current customers are interacting with you online and sharing how they use your product or service, or if they’re highlighting your brand, please please please highlight them! Turn them into a repeat customer and show the internet the value of your business offering.

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