Automotive Industry Case Study

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73% Reduction in Cost per Conversion with PPC Services


In this case study you’ll learn how our PPC strategy was able to reduce the cost per conversion for this national business from $77 down to $20 in the first 8 days.

For reference, if you’re having problems with your car’s or tractor’s clutch, the average clutch kit replacement cost can range from $200 to $1,500 (excluding labor).

If we take the average revenue generated across all clutch types of $850, that puts our return on ad spend (ROAS) at 315% or 3.1:1, meaning for every dollar spent on advertising, you will make $3.10 in revenue.


This company came to Creative Website Marketing needing a revamped Google Ads strategy to integrate with a new website design to increase their conversion rate and reduce their cost per conversion.

Managed Solutions – PPC Advertising

The previous Google Ads campaign was driving the majority of conversions from a branded campaign and a very low volume from non-branded campaigns. In an effort to reach and convert more prospects that weren’t familiar with this clutch kit provider, we started with a PPC Audit, analyzing performance data to guide improvements.

The PPC Audit led to the following strategy and initial implementations:

  • Aligned campaigns in priority order with revenue generation
  • Narrowed national location targeting to sync with the most historic sales
  • Removed under performing keywords
  • Enhanced in-market & additional audience targeting
  • Aligned campaign budgets to match revenue by product type
  • Reduced the relaunch budget to gain learnings that will guide budget increases to maximize media investment

This PPC strategy, in the 1st 8 days, produced the following quick wins:

  • Reduced cost / conversion by -73%
  • Increased CTR by +156%
  • Increased CVR by +290%

Our ongoing monthly management services will provide continuing improvements and learnings to drive even more qualified leads based on data driven insights for an ever improving ROAS.

Key Takeaways

PPC can have an immediate impact on creating brand visibility and revenue with a proven strategy. Creative Website Marketing has an advantage over competitors, as we are able to apply our 28 years of experience and expertise across multiple industries to analyze and jumpstart results.

The new and refurbished clutch kit space is highly competitive, so our monthly managed PPC package allows us to apply our proprietary process to implement ongoing improvements and to keep campaigns relevant, capitalizing on all of the new products and features in Google Ads.

Our proven PPC strategy can help you achieve the right search visibility for your business to win new customers, driving a high lifetime value and profit per customer. If you need help managing your PPC campaigns, whether on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, we can help. Request a proposal today to start maximizing your paid advertising efforts.

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