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Report contains key competitor intelligence and defines traditional and unique opportunities for your site to be competitive online.

This customized report provides easy to follow recommendations that will increase your online visibility. Some recommendations will include traditional options such as SEO and PPC with unique opportunities that might utilize FREE high traffic listing sites, social media, network and/or sponsorship campaign suggestions (concept level), leveraging client web properties and many more "insider" expert tactics.

Share this report in a power point and PDF format for ease of reading and communication within your search marketing team.

This Report Reveals:
1. Top level tactics in order of cost effectiveness
2. Top level tactics to meet and exceed competitor traffic volume
3. Key ideas for unique campaigns with audience appeal
4. How to leverage social networks to your advantage
5. How to engage potential customers by monitoring social media

Knowledge Value:
The key to understanding the best Internet marketing tactics is to understand what is currently working for competitors and create unique campaigns with tactics that get your site visible and out of the clutter.

Unique Benefits:
Become educated on the best online tactics to engage your audience
Understand which tactics fit your budget, resources and goals
Learn how to leverage online marketing to achieve goals
Learn why online marketing needs to engage customers
Learn "insider" consultant tactics that get proven results

Information Requirements: Top 2 online competitors, Web Address, Analytic Access, Annual Online Marketing Budget, Marketing Goals and Audience "Persona" Summaries.
Starts at $15,500.

Contact us for pricing (based on market competition and site size).

We have grown client's visits to a 1,000,000 per month, achieved thousands of top 10 organic Google rankings and increased traffic and conversions up to 22,000%. Your project success will depend on a quality team with proven experience of delivering results . . .  that's the value we bring to stimulate your business.

Learn more about how Creative Website Marketing can jump-start your Internet marketing results NOW!

Our proven approach keeps working while search shifts and evolves ~ We Build Lifetime Value for Your Website.
Get started TODAY!

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Creative Website Marketing, an Internet and Online Marketing Company based outside of Louisville, Kentucky (KY), consults in search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM).  We service Louisville website design and development companies, advertising agencies and national clients on expert web marketing strategies, strategic direction and online marketing services since 1999.

Debbie Hill is the owner and chief web strategist and a member of SEMPO.

Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization

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