Google’s Mobile-First Index is Right Around the Corner for Your Website

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Last year in August we talked about the shift mobile devices have created and how Google planned to implement the mobile-first index. You can read our previous post here, but for a quick review, the mobile-first index means Google will now be ranking its search listings based on the mobile version of content (on your […]

Why Is Digital Marketing Important For Your Business? These Stats Will Help Determine If You Are Missing Out On Online Marketing Opportunities

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Two things our team at Creative Website Marketing do extremely well are helping companies increase their brand awareness and lead generation efforts. We utilize digital marketing techniques to execute these objectives, and believe a digital strategy can be effective for 99% of all businesses. Chances are, you fall into that category. Are you taking advantage […]

Are Your In-House Marketing Efforts Working? Answer These 5 Questions To Find Out

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1. What can a prospect find out about you from a single brand search on Google?  Open a Private Window from Safari or a New Incognito Window in Chrome, and search your company’s name on Google. Don’t include the company location or additional keywords. An incognito search will show what your customers are seeing, as […]

Is Your Local Business Taking Advantage Of The New Digital Tools Google Is Providing?

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Google is providing all the right digital tools for your local business to thrive online in today’s competitive digital advertising landscape. Their most recent feature now allows businesses to post Questions & Answers on their local listing on Google. Questions & Answers on Mobile Browsers Q & A style content is not a new concept […]

Mobile SEO Part 2: Are You Ready For Google’s Mobile-First Index?

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The shift to mobile devices has caused Google to change the methodology behind how it indexes and ranks websites. Google’s answer: mobile-first index. This shift needs to be a driving factor of your mobile SEO strategy. Google’s new mobile-first index means Google will now be ranking its search listings based on the mobile version of […]