Authenticity is in Demand

Today’s consumers tend to be wary of where they give out their money and personal information—and rightfully so. We’ve all heard news stories of companies who mishandled sensitive client information or charities that turned out to be fraudulent. Just in the past few weeks, Facebook has faced backlash for inadequately protecting user data. These events […]

Beyond Blog Posts: Delivering Content Through New Formats

  Creating online content does not always equate to writing online content. While blog posts are effective tools to help build and reinforce a company’s online presence, other formats have emerged in recent years that brands should begin to explore and capitalize on. We’ve all watched as social media has revolutionized the Internet, and marketers […]

How to Get Google My Business Reviews Fast: Supercharge Your 5-Star Reviews!

Get 5 Star Reviews

Let’s face it. As Local Business owners, we wear so many hats, and sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to devote to managing online listing platforms and growing positive 5-star reviews on Google My Business or other review sites. Today’s customers expect to find and engage with your local brand […]

How Does B2B vs B2C Marketing Compare? 3 Key Differences for Small Businesses

Comparing B2B vs B2C Marketing

There are distinct differences between how a small business should approach B2B marketing verses B2C marketing. Here are some key differences a small business can evaluate and use to jumpstart the development of a marketing plan and strategy. #1 – Syncing Marketing Touchpoints to the Sales Cycle In B2B marketing, typically there are multiple decision […]